For this year’s Sonic Festival at Tokyo Joypolis, they gave the Sonic statue a cape and a crown. King Arthur!Sonic is real, guys.


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Having none of your Lion bullshit today.

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Steps to good health with Ovaltine, 1956

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Final Fantasy Explorers looks great ⊟

We got our first look at Final Fantasy Explorers, the MonHun-ish 3DS action RPG with Final Fantasy classes, in this morning’s Nintendo Direct. I picked out some choice bits from the trailer to make GIFs out of, but you can watch the full presentation here.

The game releases in Japan this winter. Nope, we don’t know anything about a Western release yet.

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To dando uma de funkeiro e ostentando com o que não é meu, mas pelo menos é tudo original.


You’ve been dealt a terrible fate, haven’t you? ;)

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Nonsense Sculptures  by Seyo Cizmic

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…fico lembrando o tempo todo quantos gols o Brasil levou contra a Alemanha.



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